What Can I Do?

Read with your children. 

Go to the library and discover books together.  Take books with you as you travel. Carve out time each day – just 20 minutes – to read with your children.

Talk, talk, talk.

Describe your activities and what you are doing to infants and toddlers.  Name objects and people and actions.  Talk about what you see as you travel.

Sing and play with words. 

Make up silly songs and poems to simple tunes.  Change up the words in familiar songs.  Play “I Spy”.  Hunt for colors and numbers and letters with your preschooler.

Everyday moments count. 

A bus ride, a trip to the grocery store or bank, a walk around the block, and even folding laundry are all opportunities to engage with your child.  Learning moments happen anywhere, anytime.


You are the original “App”.  Talking, reading, singing, and listening are the best investments you can make for your children.

Turn off and tune in. 

Turn off all those devices – the TV, phone, and computer – and enjoy some time face-to-face with your child.  Engaging with you is essential to your child’s learning. They crave interaction with you.  Consider this your permission to unplug!

Resources for Families




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